Development-Life Skills

Development-Life Skills

We ensure that our clients are given every opportunity to live a meaningful life by helping each individual reach their full potential as an integral part of the community. From assisting and supporting our clients’ independence in everyday tasks such as cleaning and cooking to helping them gain the skills they need to gain employment.

We focus on our client’s future and what we can do to encourage, support, and assist in making it brighter. To achieve this, we access a range of resources, including referrals to other agencies that specialize in a specific field of benefit to our client.

Assist/ maintain employment

We’re passionate about supporting individuals to gain paid employment. We have a range of disability employment and training pathways that are supportive, practical, and designed to help you reach your goals and employment aspirations.

Options will be explored with the client to match him/her with relevant training, volunteering, and employment opportunities, liaising with prospective employer/training organisation where necessary. Clients benefit from being employed by feeling an integral part of society as well as by achieving financial independence.