You Plan It, We Implement It.

Terry and Carol Stewart with Terriann. 
Wek Services is a Registered NDIS Provider operating in the South East Queensland area and is an organization that is both owned and managed by Nadia Wek, whose soul purpose is to offer an individualized care plan to clients in her care to ensure that their individual needs, wants and beliefs are upheld and honored at all times and to support the client in reaching their desired lifestyle goals by not only providing exceptional care but to also provide resources that may assist the clients wellbeing. The organization is operated with the support of committed committee members and staffs who work together in assuring that decisions made on an individual’s care plan are in the best interest of the client and their family.Nadia Wek has extensive experience working in the Disability sector for nearly a decade. Working with clients with physical disabilities, mental health issues, clients with Autism Spectrum and people requiring assistance achieving a Positive Behavior Support Plan.  Nadia is also a qualified nutritionist and utilizes this qualification by implementing appropriate dietary needs into a clients care plan if required.

“Our main goal here at Wek Services is to provide top quality care for not only our clients but for their families as well.  We pride ourselves on our service delivery to ensure that you receive the services you desire and need. We work with our clients and families on formulating a budget for prices associated with the care provided and are willing to negotiate the NDIS prices guide to help provide the client, a service that is value for money that enables you to get the services that you desire and need”.

Terriann enjoying a day in her community with the assistance and support from Wek Services.  Terriann likes interacting with people at places she frequently visits and this helps and encourages her in her strength to become independent allowing for further wonderful opportunities to come her way.
Terriann with Nadia Wek. Terriann is an inspiration to us and to everyone. When a client is in the care of Wek Services you can rest assures that all management and staff will offer exceptional care, follow strict polices and uphold confidentiality, religious believes, cultural needs and provide a safe and loving environment at all times. Each client’s personal needs and goals will be worked towards to by providing new opportunities and resources that bring out their best abilities.

Our Mission Statement

To provide the most reliable and professional service that is receptive to our clients needs, and promote independence helping our clients live a better lifestyle. Our client’s wellbeing is our main priority and strict policies and protocol is adhered to at all times in all our service delivery options.

Our Values

Finding the appropriate support you need and want.
Focusing on quality and sustainability services.
Creating healthy lifestyles for people living with a disability.

People Behind The Organization

Terry Stewart, APM

Terry is a retired police Inspector for The Queensland Police Service and served over 40 years in the force.  With his wife Carol they have accepted Committee Member positions with Wek Services, knowing that their combined families experiences will hopefully help improve the lives of others with disabilities.  Terry has attended disability related Reference Groups and Committees over the years and has worked with many to explore creative planning options and opportunities for parent careers.

Terry is a current member of the Multicap Local Area Advisory Committee and has a long involvement with Kyabra Community Association, and in particular working with other parents in the, ” Building Tomorrow’s Together” project that involved the Queensland University of Technology and the Design Institute of Australia for creative accommodation options for people with disabilities.  He participated in Homes West Association 2009 review of their supports and systems.

Carol Stewart
Committee Member

Carol is the mother of three children. Their youngest daughter who is 41 years old has a complex intellectual disability and has only recently secured a 24/7 independent lifestyle supported accommodation house position. “Our daughter truly inspires me to continue working as an advocate because of what can be achieved”. Carol has for many years worked with service providers and other disability organizations and has attended many seminars to get a better understanding of the complexities of available disability services and of most recent, has focused on transitioning their daughter into the NDIS program.

Carol has accepted an inaugural Governance role as a Committee member of Wek Services, and has known Nadia Wek for over 9 years in the capacity of a Disability Support Worker and nutritionist for her daughter and now as the CEO of Wek Services.