About Us

Wek Services

We are a leading social purpose organization working in more than 440 communities across Australia. Our services currently support just over 14,000 people living in their own homes or in residential houses that we manage. We support children, young people and families, people with disabilities, older people, and people with mental illness. We work with people who are homeless and refugees and asylum seekers.

Our beginnings were simple but clear – create services where the decisions around the type of care or support being received are made by the people requesting it. Today, we are one of the largest providers of social services in Australia, with a reputation for supporting clients with complex needs and delivering in challenging and new environments. We work with individuals, their careers, and others in the community to ensure the best care and support are developed for each individual’s needs. This includes working in partnership with the community, elders, government, and private sector to improve the lives of the people we support.

The organization is operating with the support of committed committee members and staff who work together in assuring that decisions made on an individual’s care plan are in the best interest of the client and their family. Nadia Wek has extensive experience working in the Disability sector for nearly a decade. Working with clients with physical disabilities, mental health issues, clients with Autism Spectrum, and people requiring assistance achieving a Positive Behaviour Support Plan. 

Why Choose Us


Wek Services is a Registered NDIS Provider operating in the South East Queensland area and is an organization that is both owned and managed by Nadia Wek, whose sole purpose is to offer an individualized care plan to clients in her care to ensure that their individual needs, wants and beliefs are upheld and honored at all times and to support the client in reaching their desired lifestyle goals by not only providing exceptional care but to also provide resources that may assist the clients’ wellbeing. The organization is operated with the support of committed committee members and staff who work together.

Our Mission Statement

To provide the most reliable and professional service that is receptive to our client’s needs, and promotes independence helping our clients live a better lifestyle. Our client’s wellbeing is our main priority and strict policies and protocol is adhered to at all times in all our service delivery options.

Our Values

Finding the appropriate support you need and want.
Focusing on quality and sustainability services.
Creating healthy lifestyles for people living with a disability.
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